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Tips & FAQs

Have Questions? Here are a few Answers

Can I store my vehicle, boat or RV?2019-11-01T14:04:06+00:00

No, we DO NOT allow renters to store their cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats or RVs at our facility.

How long are your leases?2019-07-10T12:53:16+00:00

We lease units on a month-to-month basis.

Do you offer discounts for long-term leases?2019-07-10T12:54:25+00:00

We do not currently offer discounts for long-term leases.

Can I rent multiple units?2019-07-10T12:55:12+00:00

Units can be easily configured according to access requirements. If access is infrequent, we suggest choosing a larger unit with adequate room for identifying and quickly moving materials in and out.

How do I make my payments?2019-07-10T12:56:00+00:00

We accept cash, check, credit, or debit. You may submit payments to the rental office or set up a recurring auto-payment via credit card. Please note that we do not accept partial payments. Contact management for more information.

Do you require notice prior to my move-out date?2019-11-27T11:06:01+00:00

We request, as a courtesy, that you notify management 14-days prior to moving out, but it is not required. Keep in mind that we do operate a “waiting list” of prospective renters, so please be sure to vacate the unit in a timely manner.

How can I get started?2019-10-30T14:24:24+00:00

Please call our office to check unit availability. We do ask that potential renters visit their unit prior to signing the lease agreement to make sure it suits their needs. A refundable deposit and the first month’s rent are required upon signing. We also require a copy of your photo ID to keep on file.

What sizes are available?2019-11-19T17:56:42+00:00

We have multiple unit sizes available to suit your individual needs. Call for availability; selection changes daily. Please refer to our Units & Rates page for more information.

How do I know which size to get?2019-07-10T14:20:52+00:00

Our Storage Calculator will help you determine the unit size that is right for you. We also ask that potential renters survey a unit prior to signing the lease agreement to ensure that the unit meets their needs and expectations.

Will my items be safe at your facility?2019-11-27T11:08:26+00:00

At A Vineyard Self-Storage, we prioritize security. Our facility has many security features including individually alarmed units, electronic video surveillance, electronic gate access and daily lock checks. We also contract a security company to ensure that all units are secured and all individuals have vacated the property after the front gate locks for the night.

Do I need to bring my own lock?2019-07-10T13:05:52+00:00

Renters must provide their own locks for their units. Locks are available for purchase at the front office.


What type of lock do you recommend for my storage unit?2019-07-10T13:06:48+00:00

We recommend disc locks as the most secure lock type for your storage unit as they cannot be broken by bolt cutters.

What happens if I lose the key to my lock?2019-11-27T11:10:32+00:00

If you are unable to access your unit, please contact our management office. We will contact our maintenance personnel and schedule an appointment to cut your lock. To keep your belongings secure, we require that you provide photo identification in order for us to cut your lock.

Is my property automatically insured when in your facility?2019-11-27T11:11:49+00:00

A Vineyard Self Storage is a rental facility only. We are not responsible for your property and/or your belongings stored inside our units. We encourage you to seek coverage for your property through homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

When can I access my items?2019-07-10T13:09:26+00:00

You may access your items Monday through Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Are there any items that I am not able to store?2019-11-01T14:01:59+00:00

To prevent insect and rodent infestation, we DO NOT allow renters to STORE or BRING the following items to our facility:

  • Food, of any kind.  This includes dry food, fresh food, canned food, bulk food and candy.
  • Pet food, of any kind.  This includes food or treats for your dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, horses etc.
  • Liquids, of any kind.  This includes water, soda, juice or alcohol.
  • Combustible materials, of any kind.  This includes paint, gasoline, solvents, and aerosols.
  • Motorized vehicles, of any kind.  This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and RVs.

As a courtesy to all of our renters, please also refrain from bringing or storing any trash in our units.

Do you sell boxes and storage supplies?2019-07-10T13:11:50+00:00

We sell a selection of boxes and storage supplies at the front office.

What is the best way to help prevent insects and rodent intrusions?2019-11-01T14:05:29+00:00

The best way to prevent intrusion from unwanted insects and rodents is to NOT BRING or STORE food, pet food, liquids, combustible materials or trash in your unit.  Please refer to the “Are there any items that I am not able to store” FAQ for a full list of prohibited items.

What is the best way to manage my storage unit?2019-07-10T13:13:50+00:00

To manage your storage unit, we suggest that you create an inventory of your stored items, and keep it in a safe place at home or a safe deposit box.


To conserve space inside your unit, keep in mind that furniture drawers can be utilized as storage for pictures, china, silverware, small items, etc. To prevent breakage, wrap fragile items in tablecloths, towels, or blankets.


Make sure to place the items you need to access often in the front, and allow for walkways.

What is the best way to store furniture?2019-07-10T13:14:49+00:00

Place your furniture on 2”x4” boards or pallets, and store mattresses flat on top of a level stack of boxes or furniture. Your items should be covered to prevent damage. (Note: We sell mattress covers at the front office.)


Save floor space by “breaking down” furniture (removing table legs, disassembling bookcases, etc.) and storing sofas and loveseats on end. Utilize all available furniture drawers to conserve space and better protect your items. Larger appliances (such as refrigerators) make excellent “packing cases” for blankets, towels, tablecloths, and clothes. Shovels, hoes, rakes, and hoses can be stored together in empty trashcans.


Prior to storing, ensure that the surfaces of antiques and other wood furnishings are treated.

What is the best way to store pictures & mirrors?2019-07-10T13:16:03+00:00

Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in cardboard, marked “Fragile,” and stacked on end.

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